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1. In benchmarking IFI adherence to these GPS, the following will be taken into account: ¬∑  Consistency with the GPS is measured on the basis of the IFI's consistency with the EPs.
Annex III.2: A Note on "Impact” and "Impact Evaluation” in the Public Sector GPS
1.Efficiency is a measure of how well the project used resources in achieving its outcomes. It is measured in economic terms because it examines whether the project was an efficient use of resources for the country. 
1. Compliance with the GPS Fourth Edition is measured by the extent to which IFIs fulfil the Elements defining each of the EPs.
Where appropriate, the GPS have been tailored to the characteristics of different types of project supported under the IFI's private sector mandate.  These project types broadly fall into five groups.  It is the responsibility and ultimate decision of the CED to assign the relevant project type w
Annex V.1: Evaluation Cooperation Group Progress Benchmarking Template – Country Strategy and Program Evaluation GPS