IDEV Annual Report 2015

Published by: 
Independent Development Evaluation, African Development Bank
Publication Date: 
June, 2016

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This document informs IDEV stakeholders about its work in 2015. Overall, 12 influential evaluations were delivered: 5 country strategy and program evaluations, 3 thematic evaluations, 3 corporate evaluations and a project cluster evaluation. This represents the highest number in IDEV's 30 years of operation and accounted for more than UA 8.6 billion of African Development Bank Group lending. The report also highlights key knowledge management and evaluation capacity development activities carried out by IDEV in 2015 with the goal to promote learning and an evaluation culture.

The report is candid about the challenges IDEV faced in 2015, including a lack of reliable monitoring and development results data, a scarcity of qualified evaluators, higher evaluation costs, and delays in implementation.
In implementing its 2016-2018 work program, IDEV intends to address the challenges of the previous year by further mainstreaming evaluation into the project lifecycle, raising the bar on quality and scaling up evaluation capacity. Specifically, highlights of the 2016 work program include the delivery of the Comprehensive Evaluation on Development Results (CEDR) and a broad evaluation of the Bank's assistance to the energy sector during the 2000–2014 period. Eight country strategy and program evaluations will be also delivered while three more will be launched.

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