eVALUation Matters - Transport

Published by: 
African Development Bank, Independent Development Evaluation (IDEV)
Publication Date: 
July, 2014

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The publication does not merely pose questions, however. It also offers answers - and suggests solutions - to the special problems of transport in Africa. This edition of eVALUation Matters is particularly rich in statistics, graphics, and images – all of which are useful in elucidating the complex matter under discussion.

Chapters include:

  • From the Director's Desk: Transport Challenges in Africa: Where should we go now? Rakesh Nangia, Evaluator General, Independent Development Evaluation, African Development Bank
  • Transport Sector in Africa: What Has Happened during the Last Decade? Hajime Onishi, Principal Evaluation Officer, African Development Bank
  • Transport in Africa‚ÄîAfDB's Intervention and Results in the Past Decade Hajime Onishi, African Development Bank
  • Transport Infrastructure‚ÄîThe Energy Drink for Africa's Transformation Girma Earo Kumbi, Senior Evaluation officer, African Development Bank
  • The Quest for Road Sustainability to Support Africa's Transformation: Time for Innovative Solutions Joseph Mouanda, Senior Evaluation Officer, African Development Bank