eVALUation Matters - Special Edition covering the IDEV Evaluation Week 2016

eVALUation Matters - Evaluation Week 2016
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Independent Development Evaluation, African Development Bank
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April, 2017

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To accompany AfDB's new development strategy to transform Africa, the Independent Development Evaluation (IDEV) of the Bank held its Development Evaluation Week 2016 on the theme "Driving Africa's Transformation”.

Evaluation experts, academics and practitioners from diverse horizons converged in Abidjan to examine the Bank's High-5s: Light up and power Africa; Feed Africa; Integrate Africa; Industrialize Africa; and Improve the quality of life for Africans. 

Participants at Evaluation Week discussed how lessons learned from AfDB and other development institutions can inform the design and implementation of policies and operations in the five priority areas, and how innovative solutions can contribute to success.

How should we go about evaluating the High 5s? What kind of theory of change will guide IDEV's evaluation in such a context? Will IDEV continue to rely on its conventional evaluation criteria or will it fashion new ones that will focus on the specificities of the High 5s?