eVALUation Matters - Gender Inequality and You

Published by: 
Independent Development Evaluation, African Development Bank
Publication Date: 
April, 2014

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Chapters include:

  • Beyond Repetitive Evaluations of Gender Mainstreaming 
  • Celebrating the Contribution of African Women to Development in Africa Did you know Women in parliament 
  • From the Directors ipad - Run the Talk 
  • Gender at Work - Gender Equality in the World of Work Matters 
  • Gender Equality - It is within our reach 
  • Gender Equality and Development Evaluation Units - Lessons from Evaluations of Development Support of Selected Multilateral and Bilateral Agencies Gender in IEG- Assessing World Bank Group Results in Gender Equality 
  • Gender Mainstreaming - Part of a holistic approach to achieve womens rights, womens empowerment and gender equality 
  • Gender mainstreaming in energy and land governance in some African countries 
  • Mainstreaming Gender Equality - A Road to Results or a Road to Nowhere Mainstreaming Gender into Evaluation An Evaluation Community of Practice Event 
  • On the Technology Front Nne - Nna Issues in ICT Access 
  • Overview of Gender Mainstreaming in the World Bank 
  • The State of Gender Equalit y in Africa - Trends, Challenges and Opportunities 
  • Where were the boys - Where are the men 
  • Women, Business and the Law 2014 Removing Restrictions to Enhance Gender Equality