Annual Evaluation Report for the Year 1436 H (2015)

ISDB Annual Evaluation Report for the Year 1436 H (2015)
Published by: 
Islamic Development Bank, Operations Evaluation Department
Publication Date: 
May, 2017

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During the year, the GOE Department carried out twenty-three OCR project post-evaluations across various sectors in seventeen different member countries. In addition, during 1436H, the GOE Department conducted post evaluations of four Special Assistance Projects and of two private sector interventions by ICD, and carried out one CAE. The Department also completed three Evaluation Syntheses (Agriculture, Energy, and Special Assistance), finalized one program evaluation and one thematic evaluation, and validated twelve Project Completion Reports (PCR) in 1436H.

The OCR projects evaluated were rated as follows: 9% Highly Successful, 69% Successful, 22% Partly Successful, and no project this year was classified as Unsuccessful. Overall, 78% of the projects postevaluated in 1436H were rated as either Successful or Highly Successful. Two Special Assistance projects were rated as Successful and another two were rated as Partly Successful. In addition, employing the private sector rating scale, one of the two private sector ICD operations was rated Successful and the other Mostly Unsuccessful.

The report also includes examples of contribution made by evaluated interventions in terms of development results. With respect to Human Development, IDB interventions in the Education sector in favor of Member Countries such as Benin and Togo and of Muslim communities in non-Member countries such as China have had mixed developmental results.