AfDB IDEV Work Programme 2014-2016

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Independent Development Evaluation, African Development Bank
Publication Date: 
November, 2013

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The 2014-2016 rolling work programme and budget will continue to implement the independent evaluation strategy and further strive to enhance OPEV's strategic alignment with the Bank's priorities while continuing to respond to the demands of OPEV's main stakeholders.

The following broad directions of the work programme as outlined in 2013-2015 will therefore continue in 2014-2016:

  • Emphasis on country & regional, thematic/sector and corporate evaluations and fewer stand-alone project evaluations ‚Äì this will continue to mean a high number of CSEs and RISEs, thematic/sector and corporate evaluations. Within each product line OPEV has selected topics that are aligned to the Banks strategic objectives.
  • A strong knowledge management, dissemination and outreach function to share the knowledge generated by evaluations and ensure that evaluation findings are used in operations, strategies and policies of the Bank. This will contribute to the Bank strengthening its role as a knowledge broker and support the Bank in managing its operations efficiently.
  • Strengthening evaluation systems, capacity and evaluation culture in the Bank and within the region. Through this and work carried out to improve self- evaluation within the Bank OPEV will contribute to managing for development results.