2020 Perception Survey of Independent Evaluation at Asian Development Bank

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The Independent Evaluation Department (IED) of the Asian Development Bank conducts a perception survey regularly to gain a better understanding of the perception that different stakeholders have of IED and its function, and its evaluation knowledge products and services.

The survey sought to generate information on the respondent’s perception of familiarity with IED’s work, perceived importance of IED’s function and its contribution vis-a-vis accountability and learning, relevance, influence in ADB’s work and decision-making, and satisfaction with the quality, independence, and timeliness, use of IED’s evaluations and usefulness of its evaluation knowledge products and services (learning events), communications platform likely to be used to access evaluation knowledge, and general attitude toward independent evaluation.

Insights from the survey help IED improve its results framework, inform strategic decision-making, and anticipate demand for services.

Results available on the IED website.