Islamic Development Bank, Operations Evaluation Department


The Operations Evaluation Department of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) evaluates relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of the IsDB interventions, and appraises sustainability of the development results achieved. Through objective assessment of the results, OED draws and disseminates lessons that help improve development effectiveness of the IsDB interventions across different countries and sectors. 

Given the diversity of the operations of Bank, OED applies creative and methodological approaches that comply with international good practice standards to produce evaluation products that are responsive to institutional needs and contain lessons and recommendations that are useful, feasible, ethical, relevant, accurate and credible.  

Starting its journey as the Operations Evaluation Office in 1990 to evaluate completed and ongoing operation of IsDB, OED functions as an independent body, reporting directly to the Board of Executive Directors of the IsDB. 

Currently, OED’s Country Evaluations, Sector Evaluations and Impact Assessments are aimed at improving development effectiveness of IsDB interventions by supporting better policy decisions and enhancing accountability. OED strives to enable learning that will help IsDB Group position itself as a knowledge institution. 

Last updated: May 2019