Islamic Development Bank, Operations Evaluation Department


The Group Operations Evaluation (GOE) Department is an independent and specialized body with the prime responsibility to plan, design and conduct the evaluation of the operations funded by the IDB Group in line with internationally recognized evaluation principles.

Primary Objectives

  • Guide future operational and policy decisions to improve the effectiveness and impact of the development interventions of the IDB Group.
  • Enable collective and effective on-going learning and contribute to position the IDB Group as a knowledge institution.
  • Enhance accountability at all levels.

Main Functions

  • Perform independent evaluation of operational activities in line with internationally recognized evaluation principles.
  • Recommend actions to the Board of Executive Directors to increase the Group's development impact.
  • Disseminate evaluation results and findings of the Bank's evaluation activities to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ensure that lessons drawn from experience are effectively incorporated into the operational system.
  • Support the Board of Executive Directors in its oversight functions.
  • Ensure alignment and compliance of the IDB Group business priorities with evolving evaluation standards and practices.
  • Promote evaluation culture both within the IDB Group and in member countries.

The GOE Department's task is to contribute to transforming the IDB Group into a world class learning organization that continuously improves its operations by drawing lessons from the evaluation findings to enhance the development effectiveness of the Group's interventions. The department strives to participate in the realization of the IDB Group's overarching objectives as envisaged in the IDB Group ‘1440H Vision' by promoting accountability, integrity, transparency and knowledge-sharing.

The GOE Department products are guided by a set of principles, including responsiveness to institutional needs; production of reports that generate lessons and recommendations which are useful, ethical, relevant; and compliance with International Good Practice Standards.

Evaluations conducted by the department provide sound assessment of the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, output, outcome and impact of the IDB Group's interventions, and sustainability of the development results achieved.

Last updated: April 2014