Independent Development Evaluation, African Development Bank


Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire


Evaluation Policy: 

IDEV, the Independent Development Evaluation of the African Development Bank, is an independent and autonomous unit tasked with enhancing the development effectiveness of the Bank's operations. By conducting independent evaluations and proactively sharing best practice, IDEV ensures that the Bank and its stakeholders learn from past experience and plan and deliver development activities to the highest possible standards. IDEV carries out independent evaluations of Bank operations, policies and strategies, working across projects, sectors, themes, regions, and countries. In addition, IDEV oversees the self-evaluation of projects conducted by operations departments. All of IDEV's activities are designed to meet the following three key objectives:

  1. To provide a basis for accountability

To key stakeholders including citizens, governments, funders and partners, by evaluating and documenting the impact of the Bank's activities.

  1. To contribute to enhanced learning

Helping to improve current and future policies, strategies, projects, and processes.

  1. To promote an evaluation culture

Within the Bank and regional member countries to encourage a process of continuous learning and improvement. IDEV has a wealth of experience, expertise, and knowledge from evaluating the Bank's development projects across Africa.

The Independent Evaluation Policy of The African Development Bank Group was published in July 2016.

Updated November 2016