Republic of Cameroon Country Strategy and Programme Evaluation

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International Fund for Agricultural Development, Independent Office of Evaluation
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Publication Date: 
April, 2018

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The evaluation concluded that the IFAD country programme applied rural development approaches, including local development, farmer organization support, rural finance, value chain support and youth enterprise development, that were well-aligned with evolving IFAD and Government policies and strategies. IFAD-funded projects contributed to the increase of  productivity for cultures like cassava, rice and onions, which are important for the local populations. Moreover, the programme reinforced the capacity of producer organisations to provide services upstream and downstream of agricultural production to their smallholder members.
However, the report also indicates that the poorest and most vulnerable rural households were not often reached, although these households were specifically targeted by the country strategies and project designs. Other areas for improvement cited in the report include more attention to gender equality, and the sustainability and scaling-up of successful interventions.

Full report available in French only on the IFAD website