Nepal: School Sector Program

Published by: 
Independent Evaluation Department, Asian Development Bank
Publication Date: 
July, 2019

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This program performance evaluation report was undertaken to assess the performance of the School Sector Program (SSP) in Nepal.

Using a policy-based lending modality, the SSP was designed to support a broad education sector reform program, under a sector wide approach. Its overarching objective was the enhancement of educational attainments and livelihoods in Nepal, particularly for girls and disadvantaged groups.

This evaluation assesses the SSP successful, although it did not fully meet the ambitious targets it had set. The program led to some important achievements in the education sector, the establishment of a national student assessment system, the development of school safety initiatives, and the introduction of improved financial management mechanisms. It would have benefitted from ensuring deeper policy actions to foster greater structural change in the system. The decision to opt for a policy-based lending modality was reasonable at the time of approval, as it was the most adequate modality available then. In future sector-wide approach interventions, consideration could be given to results-based lending as a modality.