IDB’s Ninth General Capital Increase: Implementation and Results

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Inter-American Development Bank, Office of Evaluation and Oversight
Publication Date: 
August, 2018

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In 2010 the IDB Board of Governors approved the 9th General Capital Increase (IDB-9), adding US$70 billion in paid-in and callable capital to IDB’s existing US$100 billion capital base. Governors tied the capital increase to a series of Bank reforms, the IDB-9 Agreement.

It laid out an institutional strategy with two overarching objectives – reducing poverty and inequality and achieving sustainable growth – and two strategic goals: to address the special needs of the less developed and smaller countries, and foster development through the private sector. It also enumerated a broad set of priorities and activities.

OVE undertook a mid-term review in 2012, which broad conclusion was that “Management has invested heavily in efforts to implement the IDB-9 requirements. The requirement of ‘full implementation’ has been met or is in the process of being met on most fronts…. The progress toward ‘effective implementation’ has been more mixed. Likely effectiveness varies widely across areas, with some moving forward well and others more slowly, and with a few having little impact or even imposing costs on the organization.” The evaluation included 10 recommendations. In 2016, the Board of Directors requested that OVE include a IDB-9 evaluation in its 2017-18 work program. OVE delivered it to the Board in April 2018.