Gender Equality and Development Evaluation Units: Lessons from Evaluations of Development Support of Selected Multilateral and Bilateral Agencies

Publication Date: 
December, 2012

Document Type:

ECG Paper #5

Since 2005 there have been a number of corporate-level evaluations documenting the first decade of the implementation of the 1995 Beijing resolutions to mainstream gender in multilateral and bilateral banks and development organizations. This synthesis is the first effort to draw out lessons for evaluators on designing and implementing these types of evaluations.

The main goals of the assessment are:

  • To present evaluation findings on what works on the ground in terms of strengthening gender equality in-country and what organizational systems and investments support that success
  • To better understand to what extent evaluation units of international development agencies can imporve their gender-related methodologies and better integrate gender considerations into their evaluations to support agencies in fulfilling their gender equality mandates.