Evaluation Findings on Urban and Rural Water Supply and Sanitation

Publication Date: 
April, 2011

Document Type:

ECG Paper #4

The findings of the report presented are by:

  • Mr. Ronald Parker, who led a World Bank Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) evaluation on water.
  • Professor Patricia Wouters, who leads a multidisciplinary team on water law, policy and science at the University of Dundee, Scotland.
  • Mr. G√©rard Payen, President of AquaFed, an association that brings together more than 300 water service providers in 40 countries worldwide.

Their presentations cover the challenges and opportunities for development in water supply and sanitation.

The appendices include a paper prepared by the IEG that outlines issues evaluators are likely to confront in water supply and sanitation, and findings from recent water evaluations.