Evaluation for Better Results

Published by: 
Independent Evaluation Department, Asian Development Bank
Publication Date: 
September, 2014

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The book offers a collection of papers from distinguished development practitioners and evaluators around the world who share their experiences in capacity development for evaluation at the country level. Evaluation for better results requires connecting with development challenges in a changing development context, focusing on and measuring outcomes, and proposing lessons and solutions to improve results. Tried and tested approaches may not be enough by themselves for dealing with unfamiliar situations as well as with past development problems that remain intractable. Innovative approaches are crucial in evaluation methods and outreach to enhance rigor and influence.


  • Development Evaluation Context
    • Development Evaluation in Asia and the Pacific
    • What Is Development Effectiveness?
    • Evidence-Based Policies in Asia's Development
  • Meeting Evaluation Challenges
    • Evaluation and Results in Asia
    • The Journey to Independent Evaluation at ADB
    • Accountability and Learning: Two Sides of the Same Coin
  • Evaluation Approaches
    • Corporate Evaluations in the World Bank Group: Approaches to Enhance Rigor and Evaluation Impact
    • Influential Evaluations at ADB
    • Developing a Gender-Responsive Monitoring and Evaluation System for International Development Agencies
  • Strengthening Evaluation Capacity and Country Evaluation Systems
    • India's Independent Evaluation Office: A New Approach
    • Results-Based Evaluation in Malaysia
    • Strengthening Evaluation Capacity in Asia and the Pacific
  • References