Evaluating Technical Assistance: Taking Stock of the Practices of International Financial Institutions

Publication Date: 
December, 2012

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Most IFIs have two goals in offering TA: to improve the design and execution of IFI-financed projects, and thus their ultimate developmental or policy results; and to build institutional capacity, skills, and knowledge in client countries, whether or not the TA is linked with an IFI operation. Increasingly, the emphasis has shifted toward the latter objective. Although IFIs vary in their definitions of what is included in TA, most cover activities related to the preparation and implementation of IFI‚Äêfinanced projects, advisory services, capacity development, training, and sector studies.

Many IFIs are taking steps to improve the strategic relevance of TA as well as their systems to monitor and evaluate TA results. As such, this report takes stock of the types of technical assistance offered by ECG members to clients, and members' practices with regard to evaluation of those technical assistance activities.