EBRD Evaluation Work Programme 2014/15 and Budget 2014

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European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Publication Date: 
December, 2013

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The EvD work programme for the next two years will:

  • Focus EvD work on its two core objectives of institutional accountability and institutional learning
  • Continue to increase the range, quality and relevance of evaluation work to contribute to better institutional performance
  • Build on improved dialogue with key partners (Board, Management and other institutions) to increase EvD engagement, contribution and effectiveness.

The WP commits EvD to a broad mix of products and services, such as:

  • Operation-specific evaluation and review
  • Special studies
  • Services to the Bank
  • Engagement with the Board
  • Regular reporting
  • Evaluation tools and methods
  • International engagement.

The draft WP was discussed in broad terms with Management before it was circulated to the Audit Committee. Committee members and non-members discussed that draft on 19 November 2013 and broadly endorsed its structure and content. They requested additional information on the different types of project-specific evaluations carried out by EvD, understanding that the detailed selection process with Management was not yet fully concluded. EvD also received Committee guidance on its list of prospective special studies and was asked to incorporate updates and additional detail in its follow-up submission to the Committee. The WP was approved by the Board on 11 December 2013.