Country Strategies - An Initial Review

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European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
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May, 2016

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EBRD's Board and Management agreed that strengthened country strategies are central to operational focus and to accomplishing demonstrable results at the country level. Management committed to develop and apply a results framework for country strategies, and produced numerous new strategies using a new Country Strategy Results Framework (CSRF).

In late 2015, EvD commissioned an external assessment of eight new country strategies using the CSRF. The work was to draw from the experience in other IFIs that have already included results frameworks in country strategies; develop from this a generalised set of good practice features for results focussed country strategies; and, assess a sample of new EBRD country strategies against these features.

This paper summarises the resulting work, which was led by Frontier Economics with the close involvement of EvD staff. It presents an assessment of eight EBRD country strategies approved between September 2014 and October 2015 against the core objectives set out in the CSRF Design document and the good practice features identified, and summarises the main findings from this initial sample.