Annual Evaluation Review 2016

Published by: 
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Publication Date: 
July, 2017

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This Annual Evaluation Review provides a summary of EvD's mandate and operational priorities, and an overview of its activities and accomplishments in 2016. Highlights include important findings and recommendations on: the effectiveness of support for policy dialogue, small business and sustainable energy; the role of  field offces and subsidies; a new approach to country strategies; and the EvD leadership of the premier multilateral evaluation group. Self-evaluation by project teams continues to be strengthened, and surveys show this has become highly valued. Important contributions were made to strengthen operational focus on results, performance metrics, reporting and Management follow-up on EvD recommendations. Individually these are valuable contributors to an improved institutional-level results focus. In combination, and with strong engagement and support from both the Board and Management in recent years, they are a major advance toward more demonstrable institutional performance.