2014 Annual Evaluation Review

Published by: 
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Publication Date: 
May, 2015

Document Type:

The Reviews includes:

  • A performance assessment of the EBRD's mature operations from an ex-post evaluation perspective, based on a mix of in-depth evaluations and self-evaluations validated by the Evaluation Department (EvD), in fulfilment of its accountability function;
  • Main findings from 2014 evaluation studies as EvD's principal contribution to learning;
  • An in-depth study of cross-cutting topics including: an analysis of factors most commonly associated with more and less successful projects; a review of the new Board project approval format regarding coverage of evaluation findings and lessons; and developments in relation to results frameworks and theories of change;
  • A quality check of EBRD self-evaluation and transition impact monitoring systems including an assessment of the gap between ratings produced by them on the one hand, and EvD evaluations on the other; and
  • A review of EvD's performance, challenges and accomplishments.